Thin layer self-levelling floor coating

 EPOLIT TS is a 3-component self-levelling epoxy floor coating which is according to its physicalmechanical characteristics and chemical resistance similar to EPOLIT S floor.

• Consistency of the mixture components enables thin layer sprinkling.
• Intended for coating floor surfaces of a moderate exploiting load in industry, warehouses, hospitals, laboratories, schools, business and public facilities.
• Sprinkled in the thickness of 1-2 mm on a previously prepared base.
• Excellent mechanical and chemical restistance.

EPOLIT TS adheres well to all substrates on the basis of cement, (concrete, cement mortar, cementpolymer floors) on condition that they are solid and compact, dry and clean.

Technical data sheet (Epolit TS)

Technical data sheet contains a detail product description, his technical and physical characteristics as well as application instruction manual.

RAL chart

RAL chart is in .PDF format and contains information about the color palettes of EPOKSAN products.


The catalogue contains basic information about EPOKSAN products. The catalogue is in .PDF format.

Additional documentation

Safety data sheet and testing report are additional documents that are supplied to the customers.

NOTICE These documents are supplied only to a direct inquiry of a customer with previously supplied contact information. In order to provide these documents, please fill out the contact form and specify the product of interest as well as the format of the document you wish supplied.

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Characteristics Epolit TS
Thickness (mm) 1,5 – 2
Water-vapor permeability /
Colour Wide range of colours based on the RAL chart
Surface appearance Decorative, smooth i glossy
Mechanical resistance Very good
Chemical resistance High
Hygienic characteristics Easy to wash and clean