EPOLIT AS-W is an epoxy, 3-component, self-levelling, water-dilutable floor coating.

• A special purpose of the floor can be seen in electrical conductivity, and the application is in rooms where a presence of electrostatical electricity and its discharging is not desirable or it is a dangerous manifestation.
• Intended for light and medium mchanical loads.
• Applied for relativelyfresh concrete bases, when there is a need to set to make epoxy floor more urgently and the process of maturing has not yet been completed and the percentage of humidity is still high.
• Application on vertical surfaces is possible.
• Characterized by adhesion to the substrate (concrete, cement mortar, cement-polymer concretes, old epoxies), diffusion open – water vapour permeable, colour half-matt – silky glow, wide span of a possible floor thickness (2-5mm), easy to wash and clean, quickly built-in.

Area of application:
* Antistatic floors in medical facilities: Rontgen theatres, laboratories, operative and anaesthetic theatres, hospitals, scanner rooms.
* Plants where there are electronic appliances: computer centres, telecommunication appliances, digital switchboards.
* Warehouses of easily inflammable and explosive materials.
* Industrial floors with light and medium loads (printing shops, paint and lacquer production and other easily inflammable matters).
* Clean rooms in pharmaceutical industry.

Technical data sheet (Epolit AS-W)

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Characteristics Epolit Antistatik
Thickness (mm) 2  – 5
Electrical resistance (Ω) 104 – 106
Water-vapor permeability Yes
Colour Grey,blue, red, green
Surface appearance Semi matte – silky glow
Mechanical resistance Good
Chemical resistance Good
Hygienic characteristics Easy to wash and clean