EPOLIT ANTISTATIKis a specially intended epoxy electrically conductive floor coating with a characteristic of static electricity continual elimination and partial protection against voltage shocks.
Electroconductivity of th floor is 10KΩ-1KΩ that is achieved by applying a special built-in system of this floor, satisfying home and world standards for this kind of a floor.
It suffers medium and heavier mechanical loads and it is chemically inert to water and detergents, mineral acids and alkalis solutions, salt solutions, petroleum and petroleum derivatives, various nonpolar solvents.
EPOLIT ANTISTATIK floor is used in factories and ammunition and explosive storehouses, rooms with high sensitive electronic devices (computer centres, telecommunication appliances, digital switchboards), laboratories, operation and anaesthetic theatres, hospitals, rafineries, warehouses of easy inflammable and explosive materials, lacquer-finishing shops, paint stores etc.

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Characteristics Epolit Antistatik
Thickness (mm) 2,5 – 3
Electrical resistance (Ω) 104 – 106
Colour Grey, blue, red, green
Surface appearance Decorative,, smooth and glossy
Mechanical resistance Very good
Chemical resistance High
Hygienic characteristics Easy to wash and clean