• Intended for restoring cracks in concrete, stone and other building materials.

According to reactivity it is delivered in three various variants:
●   EPOKSIN R a high reactive fast binding variant, good for work at temperatures from 5-15 ˚C, in conditions when safe dryiness of the base cannot be provided or due to short time of solidifying.
●   EPOKSIN N a medium reactive variant good for work at temperatures from 15-25 ˚C
  EPOKSIN S a low reactive variant, good for work at temperatures from 25-35 ˚C,

A remarkable low viscosity of the system (easy pentration into the cracks), excellent adhesion (low inner tension of contracting), a possibility of adapting reactivity in accordance with the needs of the customer, i.e. work conditions.

Technical data sheet (Epoksin)

Technical data sheet contains a detail product description, his technical and physical characteristics as well as application instruction manual.


The catalogue contains basic information about EPOKSAN products. The catalogue is in .PDF format.

Additional documentation

Safety data sheet and testing report are additional documents that are supplied to the customers.

NOTICE These documents are supplied only to a direct inquiry of a customer with previously supplied contact information. In order to provide these documents, please fill out the contact form and specify the product of interest as well as the format of the document you wish supplied.

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Characteristics Epoksin
Mechanical resistance  High
Chemical resistance Very good
Adhesion to concrete and stone   High