About us

EPOKSAN LLC is a leading company in Serbia in the field of epoxy industrial flooring and coatings. The company was founded in December of 1995, in Čačak, Serbia, where its headquarters are located.

Thanks to the wide range of quality products, highly experienced engineering team, staying in touch with world trends, basing the products on raw materials of the renowed manufacturers and constant technical support have enabled the EPOKSAN LLC to fullfill the highest standards and its high ranked position in the market today.

In accordance with the requirements of the European Union, EPOLIT floor coatings and EPOSAN coatings have obtained all the necessary requirements of the HACCP standard for its application in the food industry.

EPOKSAN production office

EPOKSAN production office

EPOLIT floors coatings and EPOSAN coatings have confirmed all the advantages of the epoxy systems that have been in use for decades around the world in facilities of chemical, pharmaceuticals and food industry, warehouses, public and service type facilities, car repair centers and garages.

Company occupation

EPOKSAN LLC is a company that is highly specialized for floor coatings production, thin layer coatings and adhesives based on epoxy resin, as well as providing coating application services and professional help during planning and making a proper selection of coating systems. Our workers are equipped to respond to the highest investor requirements concerning the application quality of epoxy products and respecting the time frames.