Why Epoksan?

EPOKSAN d.o.o. has done hundreds of thousands square metres of epoxy floors and coating of various purposes.An engineering team with 35 years’ experience in production and application of epoxy materials takes care of the quality of products.Thanks to their high chemical resistance and excellent mechanical characteristics epoxy materials are applicable in construction and new erected buildings as well as in restoring existing facilities. A choice of the most qualitative raw materials of the leading world producers with whom we have realized technical-commercial cooperation influence on the quality of products.               


Certificates of quality of all productes are issued by the accredited laboratory – Institute IMS a.d. Belgrade, and Electrical Engeneering Institute NIKOLA TESLA, Belgrade, for antistatic systems. Every Epoksan product has additional documentation that consists of the following documents: product testing report, safety data sheet and technical data sheet. Technical data sheet contains a detail product description, his technical and physical characteristics as well as application instruction manual.

Mechanical resistance

EPOKSAN products are extremely resistant to mechanical wear, which can be expected in the following areas: production and processing industrial areas, storehouses, supermarkets, technical rooms, storehouse racks, crane and transport routes, mechanical workshops, etc. The products include the following characteristics: high abrasion resistance, high compressive strength, excellent adhesion to the substrate and transport resistance.


Decorative appearance of epoxy products is expressed through a wide range of colors an shades, glossy, smooth and matt surface nish satisfying all aesthetic criteria by customers.It should be noted that the choice of color from the RAL does not affect the final price of the product.


Time needed for the application of EPOKSAN products is relatively short and depends on the condition of the substrate and the type of product that will apply it. Epoxy floor coating or thin layer coating, depending on temperature conditions, can be ready for foot trafic the next day after application, while they can be exposed to full chemical and mechanical load after seven days.

Technical support

Our engineering team is ready at any time to provide full technical support to its investors and applicator of materials through various forms of activity. In addition to providing advice every day, we offer instruction during the application of epoxy material as well as assistance in finding the most appropriate solutions in the form of  technologies and selection of the materials in cases of complicated and unconventional requests. 

Chemical resistance

EPOKSAN products are intended for the protection of concrete surfaces in production factories of chemical, food, pharmaceutical, electronic, textile and other kinds of industries, abattoirs, gas stations, auto service stations, dairies, garages and so on. These products are chemically inert towards water and detergents, mineral acids and alkalis solutions, salt solutions, petroleum and petroleum derivatives and various nonpolar solvents.


EPOKSAN has developed waterborne epoxy products that are water vapor permeable. The permeability of EPOKSAN waterborne floor coatings and thin layer coatings allows application on fresh concrete (less than 28 days old), allowing a faster return to service. Waterborne systems are low-odor and offer systems free of volatile organic compounds (VOC).

Electrical conductivity

EPOKSAN has products whose special purpose is reflected in the electrical conductivity. Antistatic floor coatings have the ability to prevent an electrostatic discharge and / or spark in situations where static electricity generation is possible through the movement, contact or separation of equipment, machinery, materials and personnel (hall printing, computer rooms, hospitals, x-ray rooms, scanner rooms, paint shops, explosion risk areas, paint and solvent storage areas, ammable liquid areas etc.).


EPOKSAN products are low maintenance, easy to clean and durable. Thanks to its smooth, seam-less surface without any joints, these flooring systems offer all the qualities required where current standards demand stringent levels of cleanliness and hygiene.