Epoksan presents a new 2014 website

After several months of active work we were able to present a new EPOKSAN company website, which has seen the light of day on November 13th, 2013 at 3:28 in the early morning. We have pulled our efforts together to organize a website in a way that would be useful, informative, logically designed and easy to use. The new website contains all the information about the products, their features and thus it also becomes an integral part of the knowledge base and technical support.

Our goal was to enable access to all relevant information relating to the company, its history, showcase and references our partners and projects, offer detailed product descriptions, technical documentation, videos and especially emphasise communication that has set itself as a obligatory part of the todays increasingly popular social networks.

We hope that our modern, creative and dynamic approach to the web presence will enable us to conduct a more efficient and successful business operations in the EPOKSAN company.